The story so far..... began its life in Esfand 1387 (March 2009) less than a year ago. We are excited and proud that our site is now a community and is providing a space for photography lovers in Iran and outside with a platform to share and enjoy this art. So far we have played 16 games to which numerous players have contributed their works. Our collaborative game with Hermes Records has resulted in the works of two of our players being used as covers for two Hermes albums; Houshyar kahayam's '1000 Acacias' is now illustrated with Sivash Maragehchi's photo and Bazaar Bla's 'Lost' Album is illustrated with Sassan Abri's photograph from the same game. A third photographer from will soon be on the cover of a new album by Hermes Records. Our new event is the participation of in Magic Of Persia's Norouz weekend at the British Museum in London this March. is in it's infancy; we recognize the need for changes in the site, which we are constantly assessing and improving where we can. So please let us have your thoughts and feedback.

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