News's 1st photo-movie on vimeo

On Saturday 16th October, we were part of a program to launch the Centre for Iranian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. A full day of programs was prepared, from seminars on various topics, from economic issues to Persian poetry. There were workshops on photography and ‘daf’ playing. There were several documentaries and in the evening there was comedy and music. We were featured as part of the introduction to the day’s events, in the amphitheatre, at the very start of the proceedings. The photographs were on a loop during the early session. An Introduction to and it’s history and purpose was delivered whilst showing the photos. We had hoped that the photo-movie which we had created from the first 132 photos submitted to the game by our deadline, would be shown again in the evening before the concert program, but unfortunately, because of the amount of work involved in setting up the bands and their sound checks, this was not possible. The good news is though, that there was an incredible amount of interest shown in after the presentation and throughout the rest of the day. So, hopefully, we now have a whole new group of viewers and players. This new interest will hopefully manifest itself in some new exciting projects for you to join in the very near future, so keep checking the site for news and possible new competitions I am extremely aware of the fact that no report was ever given on the British Museum event. I promise to do this very very soon with photos. I had assumed that the live coverage in facebook and twitter was enough but I have been asked to write a full report and I shall do this as soon as I get a chance. Once gain thank you to all of you, AKSbazan e aziz who delivered such a magnificent set of photographs in such a short space of time…..dast marizad! A special thank you to Arash Fayez for putting the photomovie together for us in such a short space of time. The game was opened again for an extra week for those people who hadn't fi

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