25th Anniversary of the end of Iran Iraq war    Details | Photos | Join | Vote
The Iran Iraq war lasted 8 years with almost 1 million dead on both sides.
60th anniversary of the USA conducted coup in Iran    Details | Photos | Join | Vote
On this day 60 years ago the US conducted a coup against the administration of Dr Mohammad Mosadegh who had dared nationalise Iranian oil for the Iranian nation.
Isfahan half the world    Details | Photos | Join | Vote
Isfahan is a city in the centre of Iran. It is famous for many things; its people's sense of humour and its native sweet of GAZ aside, it is one of Iran's most beautiful cities with an incredible amount of Safavid heritage. And so the saying in ...
How did you spend your Nowruz 1392 Holidays?    Details | Photos | Join | Vote
In Iran everyone grows up writing this essay every year after the long Nowruz holiday. Share your pictorial essay with us. How was your Nowruz 1393 spent?
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